About artist
Ryota Kuwabara

Born in Saitama, Japan
Mainly exhibit in Tokyo or Philadelphia.

Artist statement
Through painting, video and sculpture, my artworks are the vehicle to share authentic experiences, what happens before your brain starts to think, analyze, distort or have regret about what is happening in front of you. These simple moments are very hard to experience in this society, which is bombarded and saturated by targeted messages. 

Children know how to harmonize with nature and acquire wisdom not from learned knowledge or lecture, but through personal experience and action. When we were young, everything was very vivid and we didn’t have any biases. We directly reacted to reality sometimes happily, sometimes cruelly. We could enjoy everything as if it was an improvisational dance. 

I want to create such vibrant moments through my artworks. I want my work to record these moments directly – with the same unmediated veracity that a seismic sensor traces an earthquake. I capture not just the bright moments, but also those that people tend to ignore, such as solitude, sorrow, and nostalgia, the fundamental elements that are part of every human beings.


Tyler School of Art, BFA Painting 2015
Tyler School of Art, BFA Sculpture 2015
Richard Cramer Color Award 2015

Solo Exhibition
“Rain in Macondo”, Tyler Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2015
“Life in City”, Sager Braudis Gallery, Columbia, MO 2019

Group Exhibition
“In Transit”, Gallery NonFinito, Tokyo, 2016
“Mediation”, Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo, 2017
“Artbox gathering #3”, Space Banksia, Tokyo, 2022

“Rain in Macondo” The form review by St. Claire